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Winter Storage

We take care of your motorcycle during the winter

If you don't have a space to store your motorcycle during the winter, the best thing is to contact us!


We offer secure storage facilities during the cold season.


You can leave your motorcycle from the months of October to March, or we can work with you to find solutions according your Schedule.


You will pay 35.- Francs per month and you will get a suitable place for storage. Before storing your motorcycle, we clean it, remove the battery and apply a special spray to protect it from rust and dust. Likewise, when returning the motorcycle, it will be delivered in full operation.


 During the winter months you can take advantage and do services on your motorcycle, such as changing tires, chain, sprocket or other repairs. This way you won't waste any more time visiting the workshop for service during high season.

It is also a good time to install accessories.


Check with us the available spaces!